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Myotonia Congenita

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Hello everyone Kim again, I am just updating as I haven’t checked in in a while as I was getting frustrated not having any answers. I just had a brain scan done and I just sent my Genetic test kit back so hopefully I will get answers soon🤞🤞. The muscle pain is very annoying and the Gabapentin isn’t working but I will wait for the result before I do any medication change. Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe😊🥰

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@kimcvi It is wonderful to hear from you! My sympathy to you for all you are going through. I do hope you get some answers. Are you still having anxiety attacks and very stressed? You say the gabapentin is not helping at this point. May I suggest something to you for when you have another anxiety or panic attack? My wife and I have used a product for a long time, since the 1970's called Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy. It is a wonderful thing to take when you are in the midst of any sort of panic attack, in fact that is precisely what it is for. You can get it on Amazon or buy it at Whole Foods if you are near one. Back Flowers are a very subtle and almost an esoteric thing. Here is the link for the wiki page on them: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bach_flower_remedies . There are a whole set of different ones for different emotional issues, but the Rescue Remedy is for when things really get out of whack.

I suggest these because I have reread some of your previous posts and see that you (and even your children) do suffer from anxiety attacks. This issue in you also seems to sync up with your myotonia congenita, it seems to me. Kim, I truly hope you arrive at a significant answer to your problem(s). There are just so many sweet and humble souls such as yourself that are suffering way too much in this crazy world. All my best to you, Hank