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I don't think she could know whether it helped or not. I got her and myself (in late 2018) on to so many things at once for boosting the mitochondria. Altogether she takes at least 28 different supplements a day and they change periodically. The mitochondria supplements included ALC, L Carnosine, PQQ, Mito-Q, Niagen and NAC. Actually she was already taking Niagen, but the others were new. We have since quit the PQQ as neither of us noticed much effect from it. The one she got the biggest energy boost from I think was Mito-Q. But as far as pain reduction, hard to say. One supplement she did find helped her neuropathy was Agmatine which I found out about online as a possible benefit for PN. She swore by that for a while, but at some point she started getting a case of hives and suspected the Agmatine due to when she took it and when the reaction occurred. By a total fluke I found some very obscure (not widely discussed) info about Agmatine in one paper that said it can cause a histamine reaction so she dropped it from her regimen. But you might look into it, she really loved it for a while. She also takes benfotiamine for PN but has been unable to say whether she notices any benefit.

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Hank, taking many medications and/or supplements at once, certainly makes it much harder to determine what helps with an ailment or gives an allergic reaction. I can understand. I have never had an allergic reaction until last year when I started 2 new supplements at the same time. Since I only take supplements, after my allergic reaction of an itchy rash all over my body, I stopped everything for 2 days then slowly reintroduced supplements until I got the reaction again. It was one of my new supplements which I took before but from a different manufacturer. I never checked to pinpoint the exact culprit.
I will try the combination of ALA and Acetyl L Carnitine first then adjust accordingly from there. You have given me more info to research, thank you!