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Dry drunk syndrome

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Hi @mothergoose76, I'm new here but I have 8+ years of sobriety and have been in your shoes. I actually worked for the lady I'm referring to part time. We had gone through treatment together and she apparently thought she was 'cured' so she didn't bother to get a sponsor and work the steps. Simply put, she was a toxic dry drunk and I had to cut her out of my life to protect my sobriety. That is my #1 priority because without that, everything else goes away anyway.
It's been my experience that a dry drunk is someone who isn't drinking but they're still a jerk. Have you heard the expression "10% drink, 90% think"?
Do you have a sponsor?

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Hi and thanks for your reply. I have 41 years and am still going to (Zoom) meetings, checking in with my sponsor and working the steps. The person I wrote about is newly sober- two years- and has become a dear friend. My sponsor reminded me of the old AA story about the drowning person would refused to drop a heavy rock and grab a life ring. I went out and found a rock and wrote my friend’s name on it. Every time I’d get on the resentment train in my head, I’d pick up the rock and drop it. Funny how after all these years the simple tricks still work. Being an addict, I shall doubtless have a pile of rocks on my fireplace hearth in time. Again, thanks so much for the support. MotherGoose

Hello @sleepyhag and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect!

I appreciate your post in our Addiction/Recovery discussion group. Congratulations on your 8+ years of sobriety, that is wonderful!
If you are comfortable sharing more, would you like to relate the story of your sobriety journey? Are there any particular thoughts, behaviors that have helped you the most?

I look forward to getting to hearing from you again.