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Dry drunk syndrome

Addiction & Recovery | Last Active: Aug 10, 2020 | Replies (10)

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@mothergoose76 @hopeful33250 This is too weird- I generally only follow the lung groups, since I'm a lung cancer survivor. But, when I opened the weekly digest and Addiction & Recovery came up first it was like a sign that since I missed my 11am Zoom meeting I should peek in here. And, the first thing I read was about you looking along the path of your walk, which really spoke to me, so thank you! Next, I opened this because I too, have a similarly close person and issue. And, same as you, suggesting a meeting only makes it worse. (Meanwhile, I really came away from the article feeling like it was written by someone with a psych degree but not our problem.) The only thing I've found helpful is to involve another common friend- if geographically possible, to meet for a walk or sit outside to visit. It puts the balance back on our side, at least long enough to hopefully get her to shift her perspective for the moment or to better evaluate our own.

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Hi @bluelagoon, What a great idea to invite a third person to the tense relationship! It does provide a balance of power, so to speak, and can make the conversation less hurtful and provide more opportunity for healthy conversations. It is important to remember, @mothergoose76, that the only person you can change is the person in the mirror (you) so you need to make whatever time you spend with your dry-drunk friend as safe as possible.

Is there someone else you could invite into your time together?