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Dry drunk syndrome

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Hello @mothergoose76

I am sorry to hear that your AA support group is causing you to feel emotionally unsafe. That is counter-productive, isn't it? I would encourage you to talk with a facilitator or perhaps a long-time member of the group to get some feedback on this uncomfortable situation. You asked about the term, dry-drunk. I did find a blog on the Psychology Today magazine on this topic. The title is "Is There a Dry Drunk in Your life. Here is the link, just click on it and you can read more about this.
This article lists six characteristics of a dry-drunk.

1) Resentment at a spouse, parent or whoever has "made them" stop drinking.
2) Annoyed and frustrated with the realization that they can't drink as do most people, ever again.
3) Realizing that because of their drinking, they may have unrealized goals, dreams and potential.
4) Having to accept and take responsibility for the wasted years due to drinking, without an excuse or justification.
5) Anxious about venturing out or challenging themselves for fear of failure. The alcoholic may not have had any normal life experience with failure and success, which in turn would make them stronger and wiser. Instead those years were devoid of dealing with life on life's terms due to the alcoholic addiction.
6) Jealous of others for their stick-to-itiveness, perseverance and strength. Resenting the family member or friend for their dreams and punishing them by not being supportive, questioning their ability and striving to clip their wings of creativity.

As you can see, there can be many frustrations to overcome when a person becomes sober.

I would also like to invite others who have posted in the Addiction/Recovery discussions to comment on this. Please meet @lolly906 @stsopoci @savana1 @notaround @sandij @thankful @johnhans @christinelouise @zeph317 @johnwhitfield @hisgrace6992 @jimk849

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I was not clear. My group is a safe place . But a member of the group, with whom I’ve become close friends, has stopped attending meetings and has been upsetting of late. I wondered about the dry drunk syndrome regarding her behavior.