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Post-CABG Exercise

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@thankful Hi Jim I like your post and completely agree with your take on cardio rehab and the Mediterranean diet. I was the same both times I went, first time due to my old heart arrhythmias I was so nervous that I was going to do more damage to my heart but having the monitor on really helped get past the fears. Then again after my heart transplant my fears are back that this new object in my chest which I knew nothing about was going to fail. It's funny that when it the heart you kinda really need it. So I can relate to your fear of another HA. What a relief to hear the techs when you say oh what was that and they check your heart monitor and everything is just fine. Well talk to you later
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@danab– Thanks Dana! I have also made lifelong friends there. It seems when we go through tramatic times and converse regularly we tend to let our hair down and actually get to know each other real well. Two of the guys still go to cardiac rehab and pay a small fee because of the comradery of the group and they figure if anything was ever going to happen they are in the right place!
I participate back at the gym I've gone to for many years, but when ever I find myself out near the hospital before 11:00 AM I always stop by to say hello. Jim @thankful

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