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Post-CABG Exercise

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Hi @lmccray and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Connect is a patient-to-patient community with the key focus being its members, like you. It is not designed to be a community for medical experts to give advice, but it is a place to learn from all your shared experiences, insights, suggestions, and tips. Having said that, I am so glad you found us and chose to start a discussion. I'd like to invite @thankful and @predictable to the conversation to possibly lend some insight.

I think you would benefit greatly from Cardiac Rehab or a consult with one of the physicians in that department to get regimens for daily routines, lifestyle education and support from medical staff to make sure you are on the right track. I added a link below with information surrounding it if you would like to take a look. Even if not at Mayo, there are a lot of larger facilities with the same type of programs.
Also, the American Journal of Cardiology did a study on Post-Cardiac Event Resistance Exercise Guidelines. I have included that here.
Do you currently have an exercise routine that you are following? Have you consulted with your physician about it?

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@imccary Id like to add my welcome to this group of caring people . I had a CABG and the Dr had me go to Rehab afterwards . When I came back from this I still Did walking and just light exercises he gave me till I got stronger . Don't get discouraged it takes awhile. I changed my eating to a vegetarian diet without red meat as the Dr told me to get of red meat as the fat content of it . So I only eat it now occasionally . My CABG was in 1996 When tired I don't push it . So take care listen to the Dr and your body

@amandaburnett —. Thanks for the boost. I found ACC/AHA guidelines that filled all but two gaps in designing a useful COVID-era exercise regime. My daily walks can provide more than the Rx’d 200-MET-minutes-per-week target. The gaps: (1) My preferred route involves 18-20 floors of elevation and thus some more METs, but I don’t see how to count them. (2) In my CABG rehab they limited my pulse rate by the usual “220 minus age” formula, which is not ref’d in the guidelines at all. Has the pulse limit been relaxed? At my age the limit is pretty low, and the risk of exceeding it was never stated. Thanks again. If you bump into clearer guidance, I’ll follow it . . . even after I can get back to the gym, some fine day.

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