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Hello all,
I’m 74. General pain is similar. Had L4 and L5 fusion in 2007..but screw was was misplaced,. Had to have screw removed a few months after. Pain continued L side; albeit abated a little. Have terrific pain these days,. Dx spinal stenosis. Osteopenia. Rx Hydrocodone 325 mg, napraxon, etc. Pain thru Rt. leg and down to foot. Outpt Surg scheduled next week. I have been having PT for several years. I think what isn’t mentioned in this thread is the psychological effect of long term pain. That in itself is debilitating coupled with mortality issues in the aging process and current COVID-19 insecurities.

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@kilikina I hope the out patient surgery helps. It sounds like to me you are having stenosis (your nerves are being impinged) I had the same problem, my pain started at my buttock down to my foot. Had surgery on June 9th. It was a fusion and took 9 hours to fix. I had degeneration which caused a scoliosis, but the main problem was my L-4 & 5 nerves were impinged. The surgeon had to clear out what was impinding (sp) He had to start at T-10 to my pelvis. It was a big surgery. I am now recovering and walking. Can''t bend, twist or lift any thing heavy. My husband has to do a lot that I did, but can't do now. Had to give up my healthy 14 year old dog to where we boarded her. They wanted her and love her. I miss her very much, but can not take care of her.
I did every thing to try and help, PT, exercise,gentle yoga, and a swim class. Nothing helped but more pain and epidurals.
I'm not a doctor so you need to see a surgeon that has experience in this problem. My surgeon had many qualifications. I had my surgery done at Mayo hospital at Rochester, MN. I don't know where you live, but does sound like you are getting help, I hope it will take your pain away. Forgot, my bones are soft so I have to be careful so I don't pull out a screw or rod. I am on Tymlos and injection with a very small needle into my stomach to increase my bone mass. You are lucky to be on pain medicine, so many can't get any pain meds.