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Hi Jake,
I am sorry to hear you are having new symptoms whatever they are tied to.

I can relate a little bit but not completely. I have had one sit-down seizure in which my legs became weak. I did not have the full-blown tonic clonic. I was able to attribute that incident to low blood sugar and not going into a full tonic clonic to the amount of medicine I was on at the time. I was in a store and happened to be at the front. When I came to I had one of the people who had congregated around me get me some beef jerky and a candy bar with peanuts in it. During it I was disoriented and out of it for a time but prior to this was "there" enough to realize I needed to sit down. I couldn't go into that store for a long time because the smell and lights of the store reminded me of the seizure and made me think I was going to have another.

The weird thing I get is the feeling on my forehead like the weight of a hand is there. It sometimes progresses to the back of my head but not always. I can attribute this to a lack of sleep.

My provider is a nurse. I did just talk to her about going to the level 4 epilepsy center and she is all for it. She said a lot of their patients go there. She is onboard with a sleep study also. I say all of that to say this, I am ok with any provider who recognizes their limitations.

This next is presumptuous on my part but that has never stopped me in the past. it sounds like you may have someone who isn't secure with their limitations. I am sure you are aware the depth and breadth of your knowledge could be intimidating. Since communication in the best of environments is 25% preparation, 50% presentation and 75% luck you have an uphill battle to convince them you are interested in what they know not what they don't. My old fallback is to get them to talking and keep them talking. At a minimum you will end up with a serious wild ass guess (swag) and bolster their confidence.

The best to you sir.


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I have what they call Syncope due to my seizures. I don't know if it is coming from the Temporal Lobe or not. I am going to be at UC Davis for testing at the Neurological department.