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Acid Reflux: How do you get relief?

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Hi @rambler I see you have been with us for quite some time, but this is the first time you are posting. Thanks so much for joining the conversation. You offered @ldholley505 some very good information to follow up with.

Have you suffered from prolonged Acid Reflux? Out of all of the options you mentioned, which one works the best for you?

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I don't know that I'd say I suffer from Acid Reflux, but do have occasional symptoms. Sometimes it's in response to what I eat (or not eating), other times it's a response to "general" health. The importance of the digestive tract flora is becoming more well know. My GI tract is compromised because of an appendicitis.

I also have experience with my father's many years of anti-acids not helping and several alternatives (under doctors guidance). There may be some family history, inheritance or predisposition. My personal attitude tend toward Hippocrates: "Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.” even though modern medicine is sooo much better then 5th century B.C medicine.

One aspect of health that is often overlooked is the emotional or "soft side" of a person's health. How's are you dealing with pressure? What's your attitude or disposition to life. As Zig Ziglar says: "You don't get ulcers from what you eat, you get them from what's eating you."

Short answer is in recognizing the cause and not just treating the symptom.

Hi i have posted before about omeprazole i started having heart burn and acid reflux in April took tums and it would go away then started in a night.My GP said to take ompeprazole 40mg i had that feeling like i had a lump in throat and thought that it was post nasal drip doctor said take something for that.I found out upon doing my homework its all part of acid reflux so taking the 40mg has helped with throat but was making my stomach ache so when things got a little better i went down to 20mg the reflux is better but still have some heartburn.Doctor said to keep taking it and also to use maalox or mylanta when needed.I would like to stop these things and try some more natural ways I have changed my eating smaller meals no citrus,tomatoes,caffeine,no wine.I just don't want that feeling in my throat back.My doctor keeps saying you have to be on meds for a long time.Any info that help me i know that these meds can be bad for you.I asked if i should see a gastroenterologist she said no. Thank you