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Acid Reflux: How do you get relief?

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IF your intestinal flora is normal & healthy (i.e. don't drink artificial sweeteners like aspartame or Nutri-Sweet), you may actually have LOW acid production. Sounds odd, but when you eat your body releases acid to help digest the food. But some people don't produce enough acid at the right time to digest the food "sitting” in their stomach. Their body produces acid too slowly or can't stop producing the acid because their body still has something in their stomach -- so more acid production at the wrong time.

I have found, especially when I have lots of oily food (i.e. order of French fries) that my stomach feels “glumpy”. When this occurs, I reach for some vinegar. Drink some plain water (to wet my mouth/throat). Mix 1/8 cup vinegar with 1/4 cup water and drink it. If after 10 minutes I don’t feel better, I’ll repeat once more. That almost always takes care of it. I know my trigger.

The vinegar (i.e. additional acid) It helps digest the food and clean out my stomach. With an empty stomach, my body doesn’t need/want to produce anymore acid. The Acid Reflux is gone.

Additional thought: If you are eating between meals, you may want to stop. It may be triggering your body to continue to produce acid to digest what’s in your stomach, which is over producing acid for such a small amount of food.

Bottom line: if you can figure out the trigger of the acid generation or ill the timing, you can prevent/counteract the acid production. Don’t just go for the bandaid approach of anti-acids.

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Thank you so much for the suggestions. I am starting to think that my acid production may be low.