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Recovering from Spine Surgery: Patience required

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@jenniferhunter Wow. I just had to wish you well too. I hope your ankle is doing better & give urself time to heal. I know what it's like to have pins & metal rods inside our bodies. With me it's just above my right ankle cpl screws & a metal rod holding my bone together. 12yrs ago. Give urself plenty of time to heal properly. & when they say no more than 10bs. Stick to it. My 🐱 she slept w/me on the recliner each & every day & nite. Her soft purrs made me feel better. It's amazing how felines can help heal us. Have u tried using a chair to rest ur knee on it while using ur hands? I used to take kitchen chair & put big fat pillow on seat & rest my knee over it so I could clean my dishes & cook for myself. I didn't have anyone to help me. I did have a home health aid come 4x a week for 3mos. She was a blessing. If I didn't have help I don't know how I would have managed. & I used crutches & wobbled on a big plastic board w/handles dwn my 5flights of stairs. But i cried & no1 wud help me. Finally my HHA/she saved me & I felt btr. It makes you tougher & more aware of just how fragile our bodies are. I wish you & ur fur babies a speedy recovery. 🌷😻Mimi

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@msstoppainnagginme Thank you, Mimi. I also broke my right ankle, and in a compound fracture and the tibia fractured into the joint space on the front of the ankle. I have 2 plates on the tibia and a screw inside the fibula. Did you get post traumatic arthritis from your fracture? I kind of worry about that and more repair work down the road. Thanks for your tip; I have canvas folding stools in front of sinks, so I can put weight on my knee and stand. I also sit on the stool to be closer to the floor for chores. If I try to always keep weight only on one leg, it fatigues my hip and I need to sit down. My kitties do take care of me and follow me everywhere. I also put a webbing strap on a walker, so I can rest my knee in that, and once in awhile, I sit on the strap to rest a bit. The strap helps me get up that last step from the porch so I don't have to hop up a step, I just "walk" on my knee and it's more stable. I've also climbed the outside stairs on my one knee and good leg (without walker), also with one hand on the step and the other grabbing the rail, and I've scooted and crab walked. That's how I climb interior stairs too by sitting on them and scooting with my hands and the good leg and stand up at the top while I pull myself up with my hands on the banister. My ankle does get a bit better everyday. This cast should come off in the next few weeks.
Have you tried any physical therapy for your muscle spasms? You may want to look into myofascial release, and I talk about that a lot because it works to release tight tissue, re-hydrate it, and get it back to proper alignment. MFR has helped make my surgeries more successful because my muscle was looser before, and after it helps to break up surgical scar tissue when enough healing has taken place. Here is our discussion for information. https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/myofascial-release-therapy-mfr-for-treating-compression-and-pain/ Thanks for your good thoughts and wishes. It makes me feel good!