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DBT therapy

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Jul 19, 2020 | Replies (11)

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Hello @junkartist

I appreciate your post on the topic of DBT therapy. Some time ago, another member started a discussion on this topic. At that time she found it quite helpful. Here is the link to that discussion. Please click on the link and you can read some of the discussions, https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/dialectical-skills/

I would like to tag, @zoobditty, @etreyz07, @micekja @jmgndph @jgl15 @lorrainechavez @suscros68 @rachelanne, @petangelkat1, and @gingerw to join in this conversation as they have also mentioned some interest in this topic.

This description of DBT from mayoclinic.org also may be of interest:
Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). DBT includes group and individual therapy designed specifically to treat borderline personality disorder. DBT uses a skills-based approach to teach you how to manage your emotions, tolerate distress and improve relationships.

If you are comfortable sharing more about yourself, @junkartist, how long ago were you diagnosed with depression? Have you tried other therapies?

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I have struggled with depression from a very young age – grade school, I'd say. I've done many different types of talk therapy and alternative therapy, group therapy (which I haven't liked) with breaks in between. I've been through a number of different medicines, some mentioned by @herbnj. (Don't know how to tag someone.)

Email, paxsal, Zoloft, Prozac. The most helpful has been Lexapro combined with Welbutrin whic i am taking now. The last two years I've been seeing a CBT therapist with a long break until recently. I've had a number of serious lows in the last three years with a series of fender benders and a couple of family conflicts thrown in.

I haven't been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, but I understand that DBT is also helpful with depression. I would not like to change medicines now since the ones I have work well. I do not want to lose creativity which is the center of my life.

I have found that energy therapy is extremely helpful. (Similar to Reiki)

Hope this is not much more information than you wanted.

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