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Harrington rods and complications

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thanks for your information No I haven't seen a surgeon I really don't want to be cut on any more. Yes I do have severe arthritis, in low back and neck. Degeneration in my discs, I am tired of the circle in pain management they fix one side, then the other side then it's my neck the same thing by the time it's done here we go again. It's a never ending circle. No one will give me painkillers which DO work. I am at the end of my rope. but I will not have surgery I'm getting too old for that. I did play a lot of sports, and was very active back in the day. At around age 40, is when I started hurting real bad too the point of crying because I couldn't get my chores done. I just want to know why the Dr's. won't listen. thank you for responding

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Don't stop until you find a compassionate physician that will help you!

@lisa7777 It sounds like you have degeneration caused by arthritis, that was my problem. Did I understand you had Harrington rods? You may want to see a surgeon and get some test done. I know doctors are getting tight with giving out pain pills. I was on Oxycodone, but the surgeon wanted me off of it, so I am off of it. Now they want to take me off of Tramadol, which helps my pain from the surgery. I will start today and take them 4 hours apart, before I was could take them 3 hours apart. I feel so much for you, if only the doctors would give us pain pills. There's a fear that a person would take too many and die from it.
Have you tried PT, it didn't work for me and exercise ended up to give me more pain. Could you get to a Mayo Clinic? I went to the one in Rochester, MN. But there are other good places that have surgeons to deal with your problem. Hang in there. My thoughts are with you.

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