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Ibrance and Liver Lesions: What's your experience?

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Hi @trivia, @colleenyoung tagged me on your post as I also took Ibrance. Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to offer much to the conversation as I only took five cycles before an MRI revealed extensive liver lesions, and the decision was made to move on to a chemo drug instead. It was quite a surprise as previous CT’s only showed a handful of lesions that we were following and those appeared to remain stable during the time I was on Ibrance. We had to take the approach that Ibrance was not working, but to be fair, there is no way of knowing if it did or not since we don’t know how long the degree of lesions have been there. One of the characteristics of my lobular breast cancer is that it doesn’t present itself well on imaging, and it appears in the case of my liver, we needed the detail of the MRI to see what was really going on. Best wishes to you - I hope your next scans show your lesions are decreasing in size!

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Hi Colleen, I appreciate your response. I have noticed that metastatic liver lesions alone aren’t as common. Also, I’ve read about Ibrance on Pfizer’s website and that it only increases the Progression Free Survival 5 months on average although some ladies have been on it for years. How often did you have the CT Scan? What chemo drugs did they put you on? Bad side effects? Do you know if it’s helping yet or did you have another scan? Thanks. I’m only a couple of months into Metastatic status. I’m still figuring this out. Sadly it seems I was probably Metastatic from the first diagnosis. Warmly, Trivia

What chemo drug were you put on after Ibrance?