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Mac + lung cavity

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Thank you for the info on albuterol - it gives me the jitters. I’m using the 7% in my neb and drink a lot of water when I do - my problem IS how long it takes me to start coughing, other than a little while on the neb. I lay down afterwards for as long as a half hour and quite often won’t cough up much. I get up and go about my day and maybe 15 or 20 minutes later I’ll have much more. Doc doesn’t know so maybe it’s normal. Just wonder if anyone else has a similar problem. I’m off meds except for azithromycin 3 times a week maintenance. I’m also 84 and have been battling this since ‘03. Marilyn😷

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Wow, Marilyn! That is a long time to be battling this crud! God bless you. Have you tested positive for all of those years? Changing the subject here: I think that even if the saline doesn't cause you to cough up phlegm, it is still doing you good by thinning the mucous, and also making a salty inhospitable environment for mac to grow. I am finishing up my saline treatment right now even as we speak. It did make me cough, and it will cause the junk in my lungs to come up for the next hour. If the albuterol jitters get to you too bad; remember to ask for levalbuterol instead. Big hug to you!

Just curious. Do you deep breathing and huff coughs to try to bring out the mucus??