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I was wondering about the inhaled albuterol followed by 7% saline. Have been doing only saline, laying down but still seem to bring up mainly the white mucus. My oxygen seems to stay 92 to 93. Does that mean I’ve probably got a lot to clear? My oxygen used to be pretty steady at 97. I’d like to know more. Thanks

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Hi Marilyn. I have been prescribed albuterol for most of my adult life to help open my airways. It is generally prescribed for those with asthma, but it helps with other lung diseases also. If you have heart palpitation issues; you can request to have levalbuterol instead. That formulation takes out the ingredient that gives you the jitters and heart palpitations. My daily regimen is nebulized albuterol to open airways, then nebulize 7% saline to cleanse the lungs. I do this twice a day. You may want to ask your dr about albuterol since your oxygen is a little diminished from the normal mark. On some days, my oxygen level is the same as yours, but I have very good days where it is at 97%. Before 2013, I went many yrs with it at 90-91%. Mine will drop to 86 when I climb the stairs. Back to your question, your lower oxygen level is most likely due to narrowed airways or your bronchiectasis. Albuterol may help that. I am not a medical expert, so you need to consult with your dr about that. (Some drs think that oxygen levels at 90-93 is ok.) You are in danger if it stays at 88%. Please let me know, if you don't mind, what your dr says about this. You can probably take care of this with a phone call and ask about the albuterol.