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Anyone had Spinal stimulator removed? Replaced?

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Thank you so much and yes the nervo team were working with me trying twice with 3 different programs both times and finally when they told me to turn it off . I have heard nothing from them since . The only doctor here that does this procedure saw me and said I looked fine and sent me to physical therapy which I'm still doing and I told him if I decided to have it removed I would not go back to that hospital and he informed me that's the only hospital he practices at. I will travel if need be .I have thought about turning the machine back on because it been off and my pain has still been present. Thank you so much for you help ! Anymore suggestions would greatly be appreciated. My surgery was done in dothan Alabama but I will travel!

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Good for you for sticking to your guns about not returning to a hospital you don’t trust! Something happened to me in a small rural hospital in Texas that left me with severe lower back pain. X-rays later showed that my tailbone was broken off at the sacrum and shoved up into my body. The orthopedist who found it said he had only seen injuries like that in severe auto wrecks, plane crashes or other accidents like falling off a cliff. The assumption is that I must have been dropped while being transferred under anesthesia. Although the tailbone was removed, other pelvic pain has plagued me for 17 years. I couldn’t even sue the hospital because no one there would admit that anything had happened and I didn’t have proof that I didn’t have the injury before entering the hospital (other than the fact that I was walking & physically active with no pain before the minor laparoscopic surgery). If you don’t trust a hospital, trust your gut!