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Anyone had Spinal stimulator removed? Replaced?

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My son did a trial for 7 days of a DRG stimulator. When you do a trial, they only implant the electrical leads into your spine and the actual device is externally taped to your back. It was a pretty minor surgery to implant the leads and my son was able to go home that same day. Had the stimulator provided some pain relief for him, they would have done another minor surgery to insert a small device just under the skin and it would be controlled by a phone. Since the DRG didn’t work for him, he just had an office appt to have the “leads pulled”. He said it was uncomfortable but not overly painful to have the electrical leads removed. I think the worst part was how irritated his skin was from all the tape/bandages that were there to keep the leads and device in place. If you do a trial, you will have a representative from the drug company who will do the “adjustments” for you and make sure everything is working properly. Ours was wonderful and was devastated when it didn’t provide any pain relief for my son. Our experience was with the trial for a stimulator and not a permanent one, so I’m not sure how similar/different the two would be from each other. Hope this helps!

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@katec How is your son doing? The burning in his thigh was a temporary problem, right? I'm curious if he's found any medication that helps with his pain. The last one my pain specialist prescribed in September (Imipramine) worked for a few months, but has gradually lost its effectiveness. The neurologist started me on Prednisone, with the thought in mind that it might slow the progression of neuropathy. I have an appointment with the neurospecialist tomorrow to figure out where to go next. As you know, I continue to pray for him daily.
I don't mention his name because I'm not sure you want it to be public.


Thanks mamabear62, could you share with us where you son's pain is located? Mine is in the toes of my foot from 2 prior surgeries. I had the Medtronic traditional SCS implanted last year it only gave me slight relief and I had a little back pain, so I had it removed on August 2nd. I'm told by my new doctor that the DRG which is made by Abbott is much better for targeting pain the the feet. I'm considering the trial for that. The trial I had from Medtronic was only for 5 days but because of all the tape, it was very painful. I guess the trial for DRG will be painful where the leads all placed and taped in.

I'm considering an DRG.I have spoken to this doctor's 3 prior patients. They all did well. Two had a foot problem and one a leg problem. They all got significant relief. They all recommended the DRG by this doctor. I think a lot has to do with the skill of the surgeon. Where was your son's pain?