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Debating hip replacement

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I had my right hip replaced on 8/20/20 (this is 9/25/20) and have been walking without a cane for over two weeks. I carry it with me for long walks per the PT directions. Have had little pain. I stayed one night and before being released I had to show that I could walk with a walker and was given PT on how to get into and out of vehicle as well as how to climb and descend steps. I think you could do the steps following the right instructions but initially definitely not be attempting to carry laundry up and down steps! My experience with the surgery was good – no issues of any significance. Can provide you more information if you have questions. Don't put it off if you are in regular pain and you are being limited by the hip. I even mowed my lawn this week – taking advantage of the self propelled feature so it was almost like using a walker! I was allowed to drive after my first PT session when I was assessed. – three weeks after surgery and making my wife happy!

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@cwle The newer methods of hip replacement are devised to return the patient to normal function. I was about 300 lb when my left hip was no longer functionate. 2006 I had a total arthoplasty. It was computer generated the first in that hospital. I went home five days after surgery with a walker. Had two weeks home PT. Started driving after three weeks. We had seven stairs. I used my walker folded up as a support for the right arm while I held onto the railing with my left hand. 2018 I was 170 lb when I broke my right hip and my elbow had a posterior replacement and my right arm in a massive cast. It was nightmare I learned to eat with my left hand. Until the cast came off I was trapped in the bed. As soon as I could force my self to sit up and transfer to a commode chair I felt human again.As soon as I could stand up and walk at PT I transferred to assisted living for six weeks to live like a sentient being. When I got an apartment on the first floor alone with my emotional therapy dog. She walks me three times a day that and housework is my exercisize. Please realize you're are the same person you were after the hip replacement as you were before. If you like me were not athletic you won't change unless you are motivated and push through. It's up to you. You need a hip rep!a cement to stay out of a wheelchair and a nursing home. Everything else is gravy.

My surgery was on 8/3/20 with the anterior approach which was great since they didn't cut through muscle. No PT, just exercises at home and walking. I have no restrictions and back to work putting in about 17,000 steps a day but I am still very stiff and have painful muscles (part of this may be from my Fibromyalgia). This is apparently normal so I keep on moving. Next one will be done on 11/3/20. Looking forward to being done with both and hunkering down with my elliptical. 😉

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