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MAC Medication and long term side effects

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MAC is more common in females than males and I have noticed that the ladies in this group outnumber the men by far. My message about side effects is directed toward my male friends on this site. I am a little hesitant to post this as I hate posting things that are not easily verified by a quick internet search. So here goes. I took the all of the big 3 drugs for about 5 months and during that time noticed a serious decrease in bedroom activities (trying real hard to be appropriate here). So I began an exhaustive internet search to find if any of the 3 drugs was somehow responsible. I came across a couple of obscure articles that showed Rifampin could indeed affect hormone levels in men. Two of my doctors of course had never heard of such a thing. I just happened to have had a hormone panel done 4 months before starting the drugs for an unrelated issue and it was normal. But I got another identical lab panel done just to see and found a remarkable change in my hormone levels. I immediately stopped the Rifampin (after seeing posts on this site that Rifampin is of questionable value in MAC anyway) and retested 1 month later and found my levels were completely back to normal, at the same time my male "symptoms" were completely back to normal. I realize this information is anecdotal with no science backing it up, but it is a side effect that definitely affected me. Bill

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Thank you @poodledoc this is excellent

I wanted to add to my post about the side effects from Rifampin. I found a pdf medical presentation from Dr Gwen Huitt at National Jewish on side effects from all the drugs used for NTM/MAC. She includes hormone issues from Rifampin use. https://www.nationaljewish.org/NJH/media/ProEd/NTM%20Provider%202019/Huitt-Drug-Side-Effects.pdf

@poodledoc Thank you for sharing something that is so personal. Us ladies have discussed all kinds of similar things in the past. We are among friends here, and your post may help someone else experiencing a similar situation. I am glad that things are getting back to normal for you. I wish I could say the same. : (