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Journaling - The Write Stuff For You?

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I tried downloading a photo of a lettuce poppy in my garden, always nice to receive flowers! I am 66 and after visiting Mayo when I was 64 went through a huge life change with a proper diagnosis. Mayo is wonderful! I love to journal and have journals destroyed by a jealous husband. Now I write when I want and really would like to develop the discipline to keep a daily journal again. At this stage of my life, I am enjoying keeping an "illustrated" journal! I draw, paint or scribble whatever I want to and it makes me happy. I believe it is the effort that is what counts, not the results. I wish you the best with your journaling. I recently began doing a daily three things I'm thankful for in writing every night before I go to bed. It gives me a sense of peace and I'm happy when my head hits the pillow. (After I get my CPAP on)!

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@paulalina A beautiful flower to brighten this morning!
A journal can be anything you want it to be, that's the beauty of it. Some people want to destroy their work once a year, as a cathartic ritual. Some have their work destroyed without their okay. An abusive or angry relative might hold written word as a prize to be withheld. Or a journal is lost in a move, or in a fire. I remember accidentally leaving my then-current journal behind, and was actually panicked and hyperventilating if it was to be found, for what it contained. When it was found, I have no idea who may have read it, and was inconsolable for several days, then yep, wrote about that in my journal.

@ret18 Thank you for popping in to let us know how it works for you! I wonder if you would be open to starting to write down your family stories again, and collecting them for your heirs and others to read? It might be a very interesting journey and I bet, more pages in your daily journal!

@lioness I am with you. Hmm, guess I will try to relocate everything again and place in one spot. My dad sealed most everything up in a box as he moved to his last apartment. I asked for his writings, and promised to keep the box sealed until after he passed. All I wanted was his writings and his old Remington typewriter, but did not receive them. He gifted me with a folding machete-type knife and the camp shovel we always carried in the car.

A way to use journaling is following a health condition. As someone with chronic health issues, I sometimes write a letter to my condition [pick one, any one!] and give it what-for, or report symptoms/changes. This has served me well when discussing with doctors what is going on. When doing this, my writing is very clinical, more of a report, just facts. Perhaps a section in the back of a journal for that type of entry? Color the edge of a page with a marker so you can find it easily when needed? Let me know what you do, please?