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How do you change the perception of aging?

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Dave: I wonder if you misunderstood my posting. At my current age I don't "date" – I am 89 yrs old. I was just making suggestions based on experience from my years prior. Developing interests and going out to things to meet people – there may be book reading clubs, organizations that are of interest, etc. At my time in life, I have a few friends and a good pal – a gentleman who lives on my apartment floor, and we (prior to the Pandemic) went to the ballet, concerts, movies, dinners, etc. He is 76 yrs old,I am 88. We are just good pals who enjoy the same things. By the way I live in New York City, in an apartment building. I only suggested that doing things that interest you help – sometimes you meet new people of interest and at least you are doing something you enjoy. At my age, unfortunately, a lot of my social life has dwindled as friends have passed away. I have been fortunate in my neighbor and he has enhanced my life at this age.

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I am so happy for you give your freind a hug from me and tell him thank you dave

@sapphira I understand about the loss of friends – my Mom was part of a circle that were friends from 7th grade through their lives, and when she died at 85 her friend, who had moved to her same assisted living building, was bereft – "I'm the last one!" When I named others still alive in what I thought was "the circle" she replied that they were the younger sisters, not the "originals" – I hadn't known the distinction before that. This past winter, the "last one" – did pass on, and I think about that crazy group of women and their lifetime of adventures and stories all the time. I am glad you have a friend who shares your interests.

My next door neighbor has a friend also, but he lives 150 miles away, and they are having a hard time figuring out when it will be safe to meet up again. I am encouraging her to think about sooner rather than later because the psychological effect of her isolation is beginning to take a toll. They have both maintained a high degree of self-isolation, so my feeling is they could be safe. Neither of them is tech-savvy, and he has a hard time hearing on the phone, so their contact is limited. Her son comes often, and we keep in touch with daily chats, but it is not the same… What would your advice to her be?