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10 years frothy sputum no cough mold exposure

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I attribute this to the mold. I also have fungus in 2 toenails, developed after mold began 10 years ago. I am taking NailClear and using the liquid form to paint my nails. The fungus is half way gone. At first I thought it was neuropathy but the severe tingling and numbness has greatly abated. I've seen a neurologist who said it wasn't that bad. I am a dancer and very strong dancing 2 to 3 hours nonstop. I also had very small bumps between my toes which have gone away since I started the fungus medicines distributed by Life Naturals. It feels like tingling throughout my whole body, but not severe, just like being touched by butterflies. I also have gurgling in my stomach and lots of gas. I'm also dealing with the Barrett's esophagus which is another issue, other than fungus throughout my whole body. I am taking raw kombucha, kefir, a protein shake loaded with prebiotics, probiotics and prebiotics from Dr. Gundry and Microbiome. I am also taking Oregano Oil. I have absolutely no pain. I have never been diagnosed with autoimmune disease and wouldn't know what its symptoms even are.
Thank you so much for your reply. Hopefully after reading this post you'll have a clearer understanding of what my symptoms indicate.

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@jennifermims Very interesting. I do not claim to diagnose, but I have learned much over the years. I would guess this way: You have, at some time, practiced dance with either barefoot or just socks or slippers and picked up a fungus of some sort. Or, there are forms of AI (Gelsolin is one) which develop a variety of skin issues, including molds, along with Barrett's, and a bunch of other stuff. There are beginning to be developed some treatments to slow down the diseases of these, including one that is simple and cheap, Methotrexate injections in high doses (.80 ml weekly). That is what I take and it works wonders for me. Also, you might try high alcohol hand sterilizer on your feet. I have, and it has wiped out my fungus on my feet. Also, have an MRI done on your heart. You probably have "Athlete's Heart", or cardiomegaly, thickened heart ventricle/atrial walls. Mayo has some good pictures of this, as does http://www.onclive.com But keep dancing!

@jennifermims - I can only contribute with advice on your fungus. Tea tree oil works very well in controlling foot fungus. I use it on the nails that are affected too. I don’t really want to take the oral antifungal medication.
I’m sorry I don’t have any thoughts on the mucous I will be thinking of it though.