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Severe Stenosis - Doc advises surgery

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Might have been a misunderstanding. I HAVE had surgery on my neck – 6 weeks after my back fusion I had a 2 level neck fusion! That was in late 2011. But now my disc below my fusion is a mess and several discs above my surgical fusion are collapsed and have “autofused” to themselves, giving me stenosis and muscle spasm pain. It was suggested to me that I have a second neck surgery and I have refused. They would have to go in from back of my neck which is more complicated, painful and much longer recovery. I’m just not doing it. I get injections about every 12 weeks from a Pain Management MD of long acting local and some steroids to calm everything down. I bought a new car two years ago with the newer features that tell me if a car is in my blind spot, with a backup mirror, all help so I don’t have to worry about my neck not wanting to turn. I think medical marijuana would help me sleep better all around. Meanwhile, I take aspirin or ES acetaminophen, use heat/cold/rub in stuff for my neck. I still haven’t found the perfect massage therapist. I cried when mine retired to become a nurse. She was awesome.

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@wisco50 I am so sorry what all you have been through. I thought my 9 hour surgery was bad. It's a long recovery though. Now I think I know why they took me down the next day after my surgery and injected cement between my T-10 and T-11 so I wouldn't have the problem you are having. My surgery went from T-10 to my pelvis. I can't imagine what pain you must be in and I am very sorry. I will pray that you will get help soon. Have you tried Mayo Clinic, that's where I had my surgery at Rochester, MN. It is 3 and 1/2 hours from our home? Stay positive, which is hard. I have depression and anxiety complex and this mental illness has effected many members of my family. My son is the worse with being Bipolar 1. He has had a rough time and he's a professor, but can't teach because of his illness. Sorry for telling you so much about me, when you are suffering so much. I wish I could help you.