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Severe Stenosis - Doc advises surgery

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@wisco50 You mentioned you have cervical pain and need surgery. I'm going to see if we can get oral cannabis here. My daughter has severe headache's and has gastoperisas, where you food does not process down to her intestines. She has it off an on, but there is a new medicine to help her. My son has Bipolar 1 and I'm wondering if it would work mentally. It runs in our family and I might have told you my mom took her life at 69. I'm fine now after counseling and only remember the god things about her. My dad was my buddy, but has he got older, after my mom's death, he started to have depression. It is very inherited. Many of my family has some forms. The hardest thing for me and I think of often is my first husband was killed in an accident 11 days after we were married, also a good friend died and he was only a senior in high school. My husband was only 20. It happened in 1969, I seldom cry anymore. I have been married my husband now for 49 years.

I am so glad you got relief without surgery. Mine was too severe without surgery. I'm recovering, but not easy, I can't, bend,or twist or lift anything to healthy. I am glad I made the decision though. I had an ablation too and it only worked for a short time and the pain doctor had nothing more to offer me.. Even my primary care doctor told me I needed the surgery and my husband.

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Might have been a misunderstanding. I HAVE had surgery on my neck – 6 weeks after my back fusion I had a 2 level neck fusion! That was in late 2011. But now my disc below my fusion is a mess and several discs above my surgical fusion are collapsed and have “autofused” to themselves, giving me stenosis and muscle spasm pain. It was suggested to me that I have a second neck surgery and I have refused. They would have to go in from back of my neck which is more complicated, painful and much longer recovery. I’m just not doing it. I get injections about every 12 weeks from a Pain Management MD of long acting local and some steroids to calm everything down. I bought a new car two years ago with the newer features that tell me if a car is in my blind spot, with a backup mirror, all help so I don’t have to worry about my neck not wanting to turn. I think medical marijuana would help me sleep better all around. Meanwhile, I take aspirin or ES acetaminophen, use heat/cold/rub in stuff for my neck. I still haven’t found the perfect massage therapist. I cried when mine retired to become a nurse. She was awesome.