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Lumpectomy scar healing time

Breast Cancer | Last Active: Nov 14, 2020 | Replies (36)

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For those who are having issues with healing their wounds, please have your Vitamin C level checked to be sure you’re getting sufficient Vitamin C, which is the vitamin responsible for wound healing. It also is a cancer preventative and has many other benefits. I suffered from acid reflux so cut out anything acidic and stopped taking supplements because it upset my stomach. Before my BC diagnosis, my Vitamin C level was almost nil, but my stomach could not tolerate any supplement, including buffered Vit C. After my surgery and radiation, the wound was not healing appropriately, and I was experiencing swelling that was attributed to the lymph node removal. Eventually the wound healed but it was tenuous at best with pain and swelling. One year post surgery, and now that my stomach is doing better, I started taking a Vit C powder derived from acerola cherries which is a less acidic form. I take one scoop or 675 mg per day diluted in about 65 ozs. of water to avoid stomach irritation. I drink about 16 ozs. in the AM on an empty stomach, which is how Vit C is absorbed best and sip the balance throughout the day so it stays in my system longer. I can see my wound looking so much better and the swelling of the breast has noticeably gone down as well. I have no doubt my delayed healing was because my body was not being nourished with this key essential vitamin. Hopefully this helps one other person who has trouble healing. 🌸

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I had necrosis from having radiation in 1996. New cancers in same breast this year. Wound dr. ordered me to go for Hyperbaric Oxygen. Wound healed dramatically EVERY DAY!