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Lumpectomy scar healing time

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@mjay — Hi! I am Dee and I had a lumpectomy in the right breast, with immediate reconstruction in both breasts. My surgery was on 19 Nov 2019. On 21 Nov I had to go back for emergency surgery due to a hematoma in the left breast. I cannot describe the pain I suffered — Unimaginable! And had NO idea it would be this way! In Feb 2020, I started 24 radiation treatments in the right breast. It went pretty well; I was lucky and had minor "burns" on the skin and "Follicolitis" only after the last 4 (strong) sessions. It is nearly all gone.

My healing has been very slow even in the left breast, which didn't get the radiations. I do feel the pain/burning and also "hear" the noise of "internal tears" when I move or stretch. I "massage" the scar areas to cause the internal scar tissue to gently break up and slowly heal. I learned to do so 2-years ago when I broke my wrist and had surgery to repair the bones and tendons. The Physical Therapist told me to do that. I did and my right wrist and hand are perfect! However, the breasts are a different matter. Clearly, they are more tender; also, this whole thing came as a total surprise, as I imagine it did to all the other ladies/men on this site.

It will end — Some of us just need a little more time, which, when combine with the great support and information we receive from other members of this group, will make you feel so much better! Thanks to all, you all are great!!

Stay safe!


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Hi Dee – I had to go back four times to have hematoma/seroma removed following the first lumpectomy. After the second surgery where most of my breasts were removed (went from DDD down to A), was required to have 30 radiation treatments. I'm wondering if what you are feeling is the ridge that one can get from radiation. To me, it felt like a ridge of cement. My physical therapist showed me how to do lymphatic drainage massage and this helps keep the area softened. I, too, did massage for the scars, but the radiation effect causing the ridge area is different.

Oh, thank you for your kind words, Dee! I’m sorry you had to go through the ordeal and pain but am very to happy that you are on the mend and found a way to help heal. Thanks for sharing. I feel better just knowing I’m not the only one. Blessings to you!

I cant believe how similar our stories are. I had a fall in the hospital when my blood pressure dropped. The healing took forever, delaying my radiation, and the hematoma was huge, beachball boob. I then had to have a defibrilation as the wound kept coming apart and could not get in to hospital because of covid. Finally got in and had radiation 6 months later.. Today I am searching how to heal the scar tissue as I cant tell if I have scar tissue or another lump. I will try the massage! Hope your journey gets better for you.

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