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Itchy shins and diabetes or thyroid

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What a crazy symptom, to just have itchy shins. But it is a thing. See these articles.
– Itchy Shins https://www.healthline.com/health/itchy-shins
– Itchy Shins at Night? Thyroid Health May Be an Issue https://www.hampsteaddoctor.com/itchy-shins-at-night-thyroid-health-may-be-an-issue

@LMH963, have you been diagnosed with prediabetes or with a thyroid condition?

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Replies to "What a crazy symptom, to just have itchy shins. But it is a thing. See these..."

Thanks for the articles and I seen some of these before. I have diabetes but never been told if I had thyroid issues.

Have you been tested for diabetic neuropathy?

I have always had dry skin and spells of eczema in my long life. My arms are so dry that I lather on the moisture cream every day. Some products make me itch as I have been allergic to many items, especially when I baked pie crusts with lard. My husband had terrible dry skin due to his untreated diabetes, I believe, but he refused to treat anything until he was dying in the hospital. I have long thought that my low thyroid which I had for years before getting cancerous nodules and having it removed, was the cause of many of my problems, especially the lack of energy and low ability to function. My mitochondria don't seem to do the work they should getting energy to my cells where it should be stored. I studied physiology just enough to ask a lot of questions, but can't really find the answers. I know that the body dries out, the spine shrinks, and you have a problem walking well. Try to find a doctor who knows something about thyroid.
Don't eat rhubarb, don't eat very much cooked spinach and exercise to keep the bones from weakening. The calcium level in the blood needs to be kept at a narrow, correct level for good bone health. I saw my Mother-In-law's bone ex-rays when she was 66 and broke her ankle and the bones were full of holes even though she worked hard all her life. She didn't like dairy products. Dorisena