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Hello my name is shortshot/nancy. I am 88 years old and have two kinks of lung cancer diagnosed January 2016. I have Mesothelioma in my left lung and small cell carcinoma in my right lung. There has been a my red of medications, chemo, immune therapy, radiation and Emotions that has occurred over the past four years. Emotions change the way I eat, when I eat and what i eat. i too have lost weight but i'm holding steady for the time being. You can't worry about your mother, what is happening with her will take its toll whether you worry or not. Please be kind and listen to her. Don't suggest anything that does not help. I have four children, three boys and one girl. my daughter is the youngest and is taking care of my finances but at times she is not kind. Nancy

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@shortshot80- Oh, Nancy I know what that feels like. It's so awful. Is there anyway that you can talk to your daughter and tell her that her meanness is unacceptable? Perhaps a change of legal responsibilities is in order?

Nancy, thankyou so much for your note. I want to applaud your for staying strong and pushing through all that you are dealing with. I'm so sorry your daughter is not being nice to you. Is she angry about situation? can you talk to your sons and maybe one of them can speak with your daughter to let her know how you are feeling?