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I think you are onto something. I to find smaller sizes appear to work better then the full size product. Most of my cosmetics are Lancôme. Found a product at target called JULEP it’s a daily moisturizer. Looking at the ingredients from both the high priced moisturizer and the Julep brand, they were the same. For the past 8 weeks I’m using julep, and so far so good.
A lot of your high price make up comes in fancy boxes and bottles, so we pay for that.

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@funcountess We definitely do pay for the name, just as clothing with an athlete's name on it, or from elite brands cost much more than the same thing without those recognitions. A few women I know will only buy LuluLemon exercise apparel. My friend said they last longer. I have pants from JC Penney that I've had for a number of years now! I do not want to pay over $100 for exercise pants/leggings.

I wonder if smaller sizes of cosmetic creams have more of the special ingredients in them to cause you to purchase the larger products. Interesting thought on your part, I have not really noticed that, but then sometimes I just am not that observant.

I was curious about sample size vs full size products. Called a local cosmetic store and talked to one of the sales people.
She said samples do not have the volume of water, the full,size products have.
She said from time to time people love a sample product, but when purchasing full size they are not happy with product.
She said she found that to be true with perfume also.
Has anybody tried those wrinkle reducers?
I tried one a few years ago from a well known dermatologist.
That was a waste of money.

Was a Lancome devotee but can't afford anymore although HSN does carry this line with monthly payments. I will need to look into Julep. I'm a fan of facial serum before putting on moisturizer for my skin is very dry and live in dry climate and use Loreal Revitalift with hyaluronic acid which seems to help.

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