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TS-HDS Antibody and Small Fiber Neuropathy

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Hi Everybody . Can somebody please help me here. I have found all your comments very reassuring . Thanks to all your comments I am convinced I have SFN. I was scheduled to get another EMG but because of the weather it was cancelled and now I have to get back on a long wait list. I did see my muscular neurologist today and he reluctantly took blood after I pushed him to test for the TS-HDS antibody . He said he is convinced I don't have SFN but doesn't really explain what he thinks I have . My symptoms again are.. I started with sporadic sharp pain in my legs and feet and occasionally forearms. I don't get the sharp pain much anymore but do get cramps in my feet and sometimes my legs. I do get muscle twitching in my legs mostly but also occasionally in my arms and lower back. I have had a twitch in my face a few times as well. I do not have any weakness in any of my limps really at all. I used to be a big drinker as well but do not drink anymore. I was also tested for everything under the sun and all has come back negative. I took my first EMG in November 2020 and it was perfect. I thought it would have shown neuropathy from the drinking but I didn't even have that . My Dr. believes I have benign facilitations. Any thoughts from anybody appreciated. I know I am probably asking similar question I already asked and I do apologize .

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@laureen8844, You mentioned your doctor thinks you have benign facilitations. Did he give you any reasons why he thinks this? Here are a couple of discussions that you can read through to see if it sounds familiar with your situation.

Benign fasciculation syndrome (BFS): https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/benign-cramp-fasciculation-syndrome/

Peripheral Neuropathy and benign fasciculation syndrome.: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/peripheral-neuropathy-and-benign-fasciculation-syndrome/