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Weight gain with Prolia

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@kellyhahn1 @laura1965 I apologize if somewhere I gave the impression that I had used Prolia, I am not yet on anything for my osteoporosis but have been following this forum to learn as much as I can from other people who have used osteoporosis drugs.

At this point, I think I will probably go with Reclast despite hating that it will stay in my system for a year. It has been recommended by two endocrinologists, my PCP. Also, a close friend whose husband is a recently retired OB/GYN has been using it with no serious side-effects. I asked my endocrinologist about Tymlos and for some reason she preferred Reclast. I think I need to pursue that further.

Were it not for COVID I would have been on something by now.

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JK, someone on another site I follow (called Prolia Side Effects on FB) mentioned that she is on slow release Actonel. It is a bisphosphonate in pill form and if it gives you any problems at least you can stop taking it. I still think I will have to go with Reclast. Eventhough Actonel is slow-release, still wonder about g.i. side effects. Plan to ask my endocrinologist about during June telephone appointment.

@contentandwell : JK… lots of issues reaching across topics. Trying to prioritize somewhat: recent breast cancer with (lousy, slip-shod lumpectomy and hyper irritated lymph nodes area) was cancer, but early stage, and “docile” – not needing chemo, or even benefiting from radiation. Good trade off tor the semi-butcher job the surgeon did. When I point blank asked my radiologist after looking at my breast, and more importantly, the row of lymph nodes that was really rough, she told me “it’s a bell curve” So – I was at the 25% level. IF that would have been the upper – good – part, she surely would have confirmed this. So – mechanically good surgery, no consideration to tissue.
Anyway. Bone density test – recent – shows I also need some supplements probably by infusion, with assorted side effects. I’ll look for recommendations on this site. Basically I resist anything/any treatment that is not essential, has excessive side effects, and is life-long, and of dubious effectiveness So, to cap off a discussion about bone density etc. New topic: if you could perhaps remember the stuff that you used to heal your toenail fungus? Not on top of my list right now, except that the raw, almost no protection on that toe nail messes up my gait (hips, knees) during morning crisp walk. Will try to trim the last vestiges of nail I can do without scalpel. Not easy. If there is any joint topic that I forgot to include here —— I did not really want to mix topics in the first place, but I hope you can re-direct stuff as necessary