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@rita55 It can't be easy to live in pain and I hope you find relief.

Members like @arlene7 @lilypaws @nancyguy @lioness @contentandwell @sue225 @cle60 have experience with this topic and may be able to offer you suggestions and/or support.

You said that you cannot afford to go to Mayo Clinic. Does that mean you are unhappy with your current care and/or you feel you are in need of care you are currently not receiving?

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@erikas @rita55 I have not been on any osteoporosis drug yet, so I can't comment on pain from them, but I have had pain from other things. Living with relentless pain can be very draining. I hope you can get some relief from one of these pain relievers. I used to get tremendous relief from ibuprofen, particularly when I took it for my bursitis, but now the only OTC I can take is acetaminophen.

Have you tried taking ibuprofen?

I feel the same about Mayo Clinic! I would love to GET care that I’m not properly receiving!! Just can’t afford it and they don’t take my insurance. So sad to me!
I’m starting Evenity TODAY! Will let you know as I am “side effects Queen”. I could be a lab rat!