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I saw an endocrinologist who discussed Evenity with me. Possible side effects include stroke and heart attack. Originally, the FDA refused to approve this med. Finally, in April 2019, it was approved. I refused to take it although that doctor told me it was the only med I could take to strengthen bones (because I had radiation for cancer in the past). I am on Fosamax, which does not strengthen bones, but is supposed to prevent further thinning (which I doubt because of recent x-rays which showed a thinning of pelvic bone between June 2019 and Feb. 2020. So, you see, with severe osteoporosis, I am "between a rock and a hard place." Good luck to you with whatever you choose. God bless!

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The side effects for every drug, regardless what it's for, always brings about questions of risk versus results. Since I was told that my bones were very brittle and my spine was the worse, it scares me to think of what may happen if I did fall. Stroke and hearrt attacks scare me as well.....so this is my "rock and hard place" too. I know that you can only take Evenity for 1 year, so I hope and pray that my bones improve and then I will need to decide how to maintain bones after that.

Forteo builds bone.

My endocrinologist has been giving me Evenity injections to treat osteoporosis. I received 8 injections (two shots, once a month). I have experienced a lot of side effects:
loss of concentration, couldn't use my logic or problem solving, memory loss, extreme fatigue, hair loss, weak vision, tingling in hands, needle tingles in feet, bone pain (of course, I kind of expected that), sores on my scalp, leg, buttocks, nails dry and splitting). I am a cancer patient since 2012, received 1 year of chemo after ovarian surgery. I still have cancer it is in remission. The chemo caused hair loss as well as memory loss. I could not remember people's names or correctly use math, or remember numbers. After taking the Evenity for 8 months, I decided to stop. It was just like being on the chemo again. I have now been off Evenity for two and half months and am feeling much better. hair loss has slowed down, and the sores are clearing up. My logic skills are coming back, and memory is better but i don't feel sharp. I have a appointment with a "new" endocrinologist tomorrow... we'll see what happens next. I too feel like I am between a rock and a hard place. I could not do the full 12 months of Evenity. My bones have become very thin -4 even though I eat healthy foods and take the calcium and D3 .... nothing is working. also, i was supposed to do more excersize and weight lifting, but just like the chemo, the evenity made me so weak and fatigued all I wanted to do was go lay down and sleep. since i have been off of it , i definitly have more energy. i will let you know how it goes.

Thank you for your input, very helpful. I also received this recommendation to take Evenity as have serious osteoporosis. I have so far declined as afraid of heart and stroke issues. Not sure what I'll do, but have been told "something is better than nothing."
Comfortable with Actonel but may not be enough at this point.

My endocrinologist wants me to start Evenity as my OP (osteoporosis) became severe in just under one year in my hip. I’m really afraid of the severe side effects also. I’m at high risk for the jaw fracture because I have 3 of the 6 conditions listed for the high risk category. Wish I could find out the stats for percentage of patients that have had a heart attack or stroke or even a jaw fracture. I read studies and there were percentages for all the SE that occurred except these three listed above. Does anyone know these numbers?? Very frightening. Hard to decide what to do.@

Hello! Also between a rock and a hard place! I have known for years that I have osteoporosis and I also have severe scoliosis. I have avoided all of the bone health medicines, until recently, after I sustained a compression fracture (and they found two older fractures I wasn't aware of). They are recommending Evenity but I also have high cholesterol and have only been on statins for about a month. My cardiologist says I can't have the Evenity injections until I've been on statins for at least two months. If I don't take statins, then Evenity is out for me and I'll have to try something else for bone health. I don't think I can stay on this statin as I have had some severe joint pain (one of the side effects). It's quite frustrating!