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Liver Resection: Is surgery the only option?

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Thanks, Teresa. So…no symptoms of note. After the sepsis in late 2017, I started to follow up with a gastroenterologist to ensure that the liver enzymes came back into normal range. I also had a ver small cyst on my pancreas. It was very small so no action taken except to monitor. I did start having achiness in my upper mid abdomen but I realized that was happening when I ate lots of white rice and noodles, which I eat often because I love them! Since stepping back from those foods, I am not having that achiness anymore. That was the only thing that resembles a symptom; no weight loss, jaundice, or anything else. I do struggle with fatigue from time to time, but I have a grueling schedule and I am anemic. Since starting telework full time, the fatigue is resolved and I have lots of energy. Nothing else. We found this lesion when I went for the MRI to see if the cyst had grown in March 2020. The cyst was fine, but the lesion has popped up. Another concern is that the lesion wasn’t there in December 2017, so it appears to be growing rather fast. It’s about 4cm by 3 cm currently.

Thanks again.

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Hello @tearose,

I am glad to hear that you are relatively symptom-free. I also have pancreatic cysts (many of them) and we watch and wait with those. For several years, MRIs and CT scans also showed what was considered an "Indolent lesion" on the liver. My anxiety goes high with reports like this because I have had three surgeries for a rare form of cancer (carcinoids) in the upper digestive tract. Curious thing is, the indolent liver lesion disappeared when I had the MRI last year. Strange, huh?

I note that you mention that you are anemic. Do your doctors know why you are anemic? I have a friend who was very anemic. All of the iron supplements did nothing for the anemia. She had an upper endoscopy and was found to have celiac disease. Have you been checked for celiac? It might be worth talking with the Mayo doctors regarding that. Here is a link to information about celiac disease from Mayo's website, https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/celiac-disease/symptoms-causes/syc-20352220.

I can see your concern about the growth of the lesion, however. Once again, I'm really glad that you are being seen at Mayo tomorrow. I do hope you will report back and let me know how you are doing.

What Mayo department(s) are your appointments tomorrow?

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