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Liver Resection: Is surgery the only option?

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Hi @tearose, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I can understand your reluctance to undergo a major surgery such as a liver resection, given your experience with sepsis from gallbladder removal. You may be interested in reviewing this discussion where members @phillrachel @marybethfly4u @sheikham1 @islandmomma talk about their experience with liver resection related to hemangioma.

– Liver hemangioma/liver resection https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/liver-hemangiomaliver-resection/

I'd also like to bring @tressa and @pkindron into this discussion.

Tearose, have the workups shown whether the lesion is benign or malignant? Have you talked to your health care team about possible localized treatment options? Is the lesion small enough that you could do minimally invasive (laparoscopic) liver surgery?

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Hi Colleen. Thank you so much for the reply and reference. I have had many workups; blood tests, MRI, MRCI, liver biopsy, endoscopy/colonoscopy. All in the past two months! I spoke with my doctor again yesterday after I read the posts and asked about other options. The skinny is that they don't know whether this is malignant and couldn't determine from the biopsy what it is. They were thinking that it might be sarcoidosis but the bloodwork didn't support that theory. Given that it's the liver, they want to try and get ahead of whatever it is since the lesion is small enough to be removed (they think) with robotic surgery. I've had a number of false starts with this team, so I reached out to Mayo Clinic to see if they would take my case and they did. I have an appointment with Mayo on Monday and am hoping that they can give me more context around my situation. The good thing is that most of my bloodwork for cancer markers and the liver biopsy results were processed through Mayo Clinic, so they have all of those records.