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Memorial Day: Sad Thoughts

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@funcountess, I changed your discussion title to better describe your post. At first I was a little sad that it was not a memorial day as we have seen in the past but then I started reading about some of the unique ways that my fellow countrymen have stepped up to the plate to honor and remember those who gave their life for our freedom and way of life. As a veteran myself it does hold a special place in my heart to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. I tend to not watch the news so much because it can be depressing.

Here's one unique way that a town remembered and celebrated Memorial Day but there were many more across the country:
Boalsburg's Memorial Day traditions adapt to coronavirus — https://www.centredaily.com/news/local/article242940901.html

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Hello John, thanks for the post.
True, the news is a little depressing, but I grew up where a newspaper was delivered daily, so feel lost if I don’t watch or read the current news.
also a senior center has current event discussions, I did go a few times, but saw the seniors usually ended up fighting who was right on a particular issue.
I guess I’m a news junkie. Have 2 friends also like that.
Take care,

@johnbishop Nice article. When I lived in Pa I was at Boalsburg and saw that statue of the 3 women as well we where at Gettysburg the battlefield and other relics . The war medical weapons where just that weapons . The saw for amputation is just like a saw . Horrible no wonder so many also died of gangrene and infections but then they had to work with what they had . When in high school I was in the band and played the coronet . My step Dad was the VFW commander and when there was a veteran that died I was voluntared to play taps at the cemetary . The L.A. memorial day service reminded me of that , hadn't thought of that in a long time

I have a great story to share. When my best friend and I met 30+ years ago, we started talking and realized our high schools, hers being Bellefonte Area High School and mine being Lewistown Area High School, played football against each other. The Centre Daily Times article happens to show a picture of Bellefonte Area High School. I think that is pretty cool. 🙂

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