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WOW..... I hope you read my initial post. But just to quickly recap, I was diagnosed in April 2015 with HR+HER2- invasive ductile carcinomas. 2 surgeries/8 rounds of chemo/33 rounds of radiation and then declared NED until August 2019 when it came back in my chest. We thought it was negative & started Ibrance but about 30 days in we discovered it was HER2+.....& switched to Herceptin/Perjeta with a Faslodex shot. But in Jan 2020 we discovered lesions in my neck/spine that turned out to be HER2-. (My neck fractured... which resulted in 10 rounds of radiation & a very restrictive neck brace from 01/25-06/29)

It appears the + is responding well to Herceptin/Perjeta/Faslodex. The - is a bit more stubborn. I started Piqray in May, I am into round 3 of the Piqray and it appears it might be working 🙏🏽Scheduled to check my tumor marker again in about 3 weeks. If it’s going down we will stay with Herceptin/Perjeta/Faslodex/Piqray. I remain optimistic and faithful. This journey requires a positive attitude always.....otherwise cancer wins . Don’t give in..... Don’t give up..... Don’t give out!

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You can do this! Stay strong!