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Hi, all. My friend did a test on the pill and sure enough, you folks called it correctly. It is a pill dissolving thing. I have forwarded all your comments and she is now taking action with her doctor and pharmacist. She is tickled pink by all your advice and she couldn't believe she has been wondering about this for 2 years (1 daily for 24 months). Anyways, I am going to say 'goodbye' from Canada and thank you, thank you.

I have another issue from another friend but that will be a new discussion. What I would like to know is that on this website, it talks of an appointment. Has anyone used this feature. Remember, we Canadians have to pay 135% to get $1 American :).

All the best…… from 'my source'. LOL

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@howardwizwald, I can answer your question about the button on the site that says APPOINTMENT in the upper right corner. This is a quick link to the contact information to request an appointment at Mayo Clinic. People can self-refer to Mayo Clinic or have their doctor make a referral. People come to Mayo Clinic from all over the world, including Canada. Some Canadians pay out of pocket to be treated at Mayo, for others they have insurance that covers the cost and in some instances your provincial insurance will cover the cost of care for treatment options or procedures that are not available in your province.

Connecting with other patients and caregivers like you did for your friend is free. We have quite a few Canucks in the Mayo Clinic Connect community and from many other countries. Such is the blessing of the world wide web, eh?

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