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I feel about the same way using Metformin. Every side effect that they warn you of I feel.
I was only taking half and that was ok for awhile but now I can't tolerate it. My numbers got down into the prediabetic stage so I quit Metformin. I don't see the endocrinologist until July so I'm expecting a scolding. Leslee

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I can not take genertic medication..i was taking the brand name gulcophage, 9 yrs with no problems...they stopped making it here in the USA..For the past yr i feel like i am being murdered with all the generic crap they have tried me on.

Leslee: Why wait? Call his/her office and ask the nurse what to do. They may offer suggestions that same day, or decide to move up your next visit sooner. They are not telepathic, and don’t know you’re having a problem unless you let them know!

You know that what you eat and how much you exercise makes a difference in your blood sugar numbers. The doctor may not trust that you will eat to improve your lowever blood sugar, so does not trust your discipline in the matter.
There is no need to take Metformin with low numbers if you are successful with your diet in returning to normal. I have been at this for 14 years and studied nutrition extensively. It is the best plan for me, and I don't need to rely on pills. If the sweets are not in the house, I don't eat them. I will eat pumpking pie at Thanksgiving because the pumpkin is good for me, and then I will work hard to clean up the family party and my blood sugar will be normal in a day or two. It works for me! Dorisena