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The number one principle is that type two diabetes is managed by diet changes and exercise or working harder daily. Medicines are an aid but not always necessary or important, and can sometimes cause low blood sugar which is dangerous. The number two principle is that blood sugar goes up and down like a roller roaster on a 24 hour period, depending in when you eat, and how much food you eat. Number three principle is that meals should be balanced, for best results, and even snacks can be balanced with protein, veggies, fruit, and perhaps a little bread and dairy. Unless you have very high numbers which are alarming to your health, you can concentrate on these principles, get a good night's sleep, and feel better and be more active. Lack of energy is always a problem but weight loss usually results with a careful diet. Medicine is not necessarily the answer, but determination to succeed is. Dorisena

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Jeannetta, as I was sitting here contemplating what to do about my painful gassy stomach and the rolling pain under my ribs...I read your post! I've not done well with the medication Metformin or others. I said something to my pharmacist and she said try half a Metformin. I did and it's been pretty ok.
In the beginning of taking Metformin my stomach was really unhappy and I was nauseated. I talked to a gastroenterologist. She prescribed prilosec. It helped a little after two weeks but I was so uncomfortable I called her again. She said stop the Metformin for 3 days to see what happened. All the problems went away. It felt good but I started back on it. Just yesterday something has happened to cause me to have gas, pain under my ribs and I'm not able to eat much. I decided to stop the Metformin a few days and give my system a rest. I realize I'm not supposed to disobey orders but I've had it!! I'm not sure but I've been a bit upset at losing my nephew on Sunday so maybe that's part of the problem.
I was so surprised when you mentioned the pain under your ribs.That's been my experience, too.