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For nine yrs. I took the brand name Glocophage, with no problems, My bloodwork and A1C was always good. A yr ago i was told I could no longer get this medication in the USA, Because Doctors r perscribing so much generic meds. Theres not enough demand for Brand name meds. This past yr. I have been perscribed 4 different generic Metformin, Glimepiride, Januvia, jermenet, ect. None of these meds have worked for me.. stomach problems, pain below my rib cage, does not bring my blood sugar down, My hair is like straw, no engery. Its just really hard what i am feeling.Sorry, thought someone may have gone through the same and found the right solution

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Jeannetta: I can only describe things I have experienced, which may or may not be applicable to your situation. For me, metformin was the first medicine my doctor prescribed for diabetes. When that was no longer enough, he added a “metformin helper” amaryl, which still seems to have more effect than the metformin.

However I’ve found the medication does little if I don’t do my part with my diet and exercise. Even a walk after meals will make a huge difference for me. I also make sure my carbs total around 40 or less for each meal, and keep my meal portions smaller (about the size of a Stouffers 12 oz. meal container).

Also, have a doctor look at the other drugs you are taking, to see the effect it may have on your blood sugar. I went through a spell where my blood sugar was high no matter what I did; it turned out that I was taking too high a dosage of testosterone injections, and lowering the amount from 1.5 ml to 1.25 ml made a world of difference. Having an endocrinologist look at your situation may wind up saving you a lot of problems and money.

I wish you all the best, and will pray for you.