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@funcountess Butter really is better for you, I believe, as long as it's used in moderation. For me though, even a little bit causes an unpleasant reaction. I try to use other things on morning toast or bagels, like avocado and occasionally jam. Occasionally I do use a vegan buttery substitute.

I most frequently have either oatmeal or plain yogurt for breakfast and with both I add fruit, usually blueberries. Cherries sound like a nice change.

Remember, not just provolone, but aged cheddars and swiss are generally lactose-free also, plus of course the very aged hard cheeses like romano and parmesan. Just do not eat so much that those traces of lactose add up too much.

Around here things have loosened up a lot. I can get food delivered on the same day I order it, and some days I get everything I have ordered. The most difficult things to get are yeast and flour. People must be baking up a storm.

Attached is my mother's potato salad dressing, very simple. You can eliminate the sugar if you want. The proportion of oil to vinegar is less than typical, which makes it tangy.

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@contentandwell The salad dressing sounds wonderful!

Hi contentandwell,
It’s late your time,but just got done with dinner. I’ve been up since 5:00 A.M. Thank you so much for your mom’s recipe. I already printed it out, and will make it on Sunday.
I will cut the recipe in half, since it’s just me now.
I will omit the sugar since I do not have any in the house.
It sounds so good, can’t wait to try it. I got to the market at 6:15 A.M. already there were 20 people ahead of me. They have a counter person who only lets 15 people in at a time.
All aisles are marked one way. I accidentally went the wrong way down one isle, and some man with his wife yelled at me, LADY YOU ARE GOING THE WRONG WAY WATCH THE FLOOR AISLES.
IM GLAD I WEAR FULL FACE COVERINGS. This guy got close when he yelled. Yes, he was wearing a masks, but his wife was not.
I was only able to get some items on list. Came home disappointed. I put items away, and had breakfast. Just as I was about to leave again to check out another market, the
Construction contractor pulls up and said he’s sending 2 workers to start on the garage.
He was suppose to send 5 but he’s spread too thin.
He stayed in his truck until the 2 workers showed up. He had one of those thermators that do not touch the skin. Used it on the workers.
Well, two people doing 5-6 people’s job, I see this will be all week job.
They left at 5:30P.M. I race to the market, and found a million people standing to get in.
Too tired I just came home.
Thanks also for the cheese info. I just buy SARGENTO sliced cheese.i can only tolerate one slice.
Yes, AMYS is in Petaluma,Ca. Did you know they make soups?
Not a big selection like Campbell’s. But that’s o.k. Campbell’s is full of salt, so I do not buy it.

I read your profile, you worked at ETHAN ALLAN.
I could of used your expertise after the Wolsey Canyon Fire.
EA has beautiful furniture. I had no idea they were a national company, always thought just California.
I’ll bet your place is beautiful.
I have Thomasville, Bernhardt, Kargas, but the Kargus was ruined, at least some of it.
Other furniture That is new came from a small custom furniture company.
Now I order from Wayfair, the quality is o.k.
I really like to see and feel the furniture, but at this stage Wayfair has been reliable.
Do you remember American of Martinsville? I think they are out of business, and Thomasville was bought out by Lane. There went the quality.
I had a friend who owned a design studio with her husband back in the 60s and 70s
I used to go to the wholesale show rooms with her, and see all the beautiful furniture.
I love BAKER,but the price tag, another story. Not sure if Baker is still around?
Anyway it’s late, Again thanks for your moms recipe.
Take care,

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