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@funcountess When I was a child I loved spaghetti with butter and pepper on it. I wouldn't dare now – not only am I lactose intolerant, but all of that butter! I pretty much use EVOO for everything, that and a lactose buttery type of spread.

I have some frozen cherries in the freezer and don't remember why I bought them. What will you do with them?

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Hi contentandwell,
The butter, I only use very little on the spaghetti. Could not get sauce at Ralph’s market. My cousin a retired oncologist/hematologists said to use. Butter over margarine, or other spreads. For years my mother used margarine, and so did I. Then Richard kept saying butter is safer just use small amount. So that is why the butter.
The frozen cherries. I eat eggos waffles or toast breakfast or I make cream of rice hot cereal so I like some fruit on them. I Buy dole pineapple, or mixed fruit in cans, am getting tired of it, and love cherries.
Cherries also are an antioxidant. I am so limited on what I can make in the kitchen right now.
I have some lactose intolerance. It comes and goes. Cheese is a problem for me, but now I know about provolone cheese.
As for Ben and Jerry’s only a little bit.
Milk is a big no mo for me.
Cousin said bananas can off set intolerance with ice cream. Since bananas are high in potassium I usually cut up banana with ice cream.
For the past 5 weeks there has been a run on bananas at market.
I usually get food deliveries, but half the order is missing, so tomorrow I will venture out and hope I can get bread and produce among other staples.

Our local news mentioned there was 87% hoarding in California.

I believe the fear factor has taken over our lives,so markets have become high on the list to frequent.
Take care,