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The deli seemed like a good idea at the time. I wonder if the employee knew he was infected. I thought the chicken recipe looked good but cooking it is another matter.
Eventually I would probably make it when I can't choke down anymore plain overcooked air-fried steak or chicken. Although before taking such a drastic step I'd have cereal for
You know me pretty well!

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I don’t know if employee knew they were sick. The deli will not even say if it was a cook, or cashier. But place had to be scrubbed down.
Now people will not go near the place.
Also 3 checkers at the market have cov19 now.
Very stressful to go shopping these days.
I wear toss away gloves, face covering, and long sleeves.
Long sleeves so arms do not touch anything.
This virus is no laughing matter.

Jjjjjjjjjdduck1 Please be careful with your spelling of CANDY MAN,one slip and you could have HANDY MAN.
That can have a profound affect on your candy dish’s life.

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