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Hi @ltecato, I was concerned that there might be unknown negative consequences to self "compounding" pills and medications. So I showed your post to a Mayo Clinic pharmacist. She offered this response:

"Difficulty swallowing, also known as dysphagia, can be a barrier to taking medication as prescribed. It can sometimes cause choking and regurgitation or even pneumonia.

Sometimes, swallowing exercises can improve function of the esophageal muscle. Some to try are listed on the NAPA (Neurological and Physical Abilitation) Center website here https://napacenter.org/swallow-strengthening-exercises/.

Not all pills can be made into liquid formulations by opening capsules and crushing tablets. It can sometimes interfere with the safety and efficacy of the medication. For example, delayed or extended-release medications when crushed or opened can cause dangerously high doses to be delivered quickly then reduced below therapeutic levels. Some pills have a protective coating to safeguard your mouth and throat against exposure. Some medications are considered hazardous and require special handling procedures.

Keflex is able to be opened and mixed with applesauce or other substances and administered that way. It is also available as a pre-mixed liquid suspension. I’m not sure how hot your milk frother gets but exposure to extreme temperatures can interfere with the effects of some medications as well.

I want to urge patients with dysphagia to communicate their needs to their care providers. Prescribers should consider patients’ needs when selecting from available dosage forms. A friendly reminder to your care provider when discussing new medications can help ensure providers are aware of your needs. Many medications are available in liquid form, in disintegrating tablets or are able to be crushed or opened as you mentioned. If the pharmacy is aware of your concerns they can also help to make sure you have appropriate instructions for medication administration."

@ltecato, did you know that Keflex is available as a pre-mixed liquid suspension? Have you mentioned your difficulty in swallowing medications to your physician and pharmacist to see if your medications are available in alternate forms?

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Most of my meds are unavailable as liquids. Too bad it is so costly to have your meds made as a liquid vs. pills. One of my 4 oz. liquid meds cost $400.