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Hello @loaks and welcome to Mayo Connect and thanks for those great pictures! I am sorry to hear of your husband's battle with cancer. I'm sure that has been difficult for you both.

I've been reading about your problems with hunger at nighttime. You have kept good records and seem to find what works for you when you have interruptions in your sleep during the middle of the night. I have a very similar problem.

Here is an article from Google Scholar regarding sleep interruptions and diabetes that you might find interesting, https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0026049518300635

If you care to share more, I'm wondering if you had sleep problems prior to being diagnosed with diabetes?

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I was having problems. Even when I sleep all night I was still lacking energy. I attributed that to my thyroid. My energy is better now with my thyroid at normal levels but getting up every night wears on me. Last night was better. I only got up to snack, go to the bathroom and went right back to sleep.
Yesterday when I got the cortesone shot it was for my heel that has been a problem for 6 months. We were walking but that's out. When we live in the valley we ride bikes but we're up north now with no bikes and me not wanting to go to the gym. I'm sorry I can't exercise more because I think exercise would help. The Dr thinks I have a nerve in my heel that needs released but until July I'm holding off on that too. I'm going to look up your suggestions for reading. I was the one to ask my endocrinologist if I could be checked for diabetes.
Thanks Leslee