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Covid may be messing with my DRG Trial

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@jimhd and of course, to all my Pain Warriors: Hi Jim, So good to hear from you! First, although the DRG is sometimes mentioned as a stimulator of last resort, that is just words. Do not become frightened of words. The DRG targets focal pain below the waist. Pain that is very specific to one spot. My DRG trial ended yesterday, and believe me, without it, my pain is amped up again. That is the real testimonial to how it worked! It is very hard to put percentages on pain. I know that I felt better with it, for sure. I know that once it is put in me, it is turned on immediately. There is no waiting for healing of the area. However, for about 2 weeks, there will be talking to ABBOTT reps again to get the electricity just right. Therefore, for a few weeks, I may not get relief as they calibrate the electricity. It also has about a 6 weeks healing time from the surgery. As we age, this is not easy. I am prepared to do everything to try and regain my strength, including physical therapy if necessary. However, I have been to physical therapy twice in the last two years, and have an arsenal of things to do at home. This is serious business. I will definitely have to do anaerobic and aerobic exercise to get fit again. As far as suicide, Jim, I understand. I have utterly no history of suicidal ideation. But PAIN so great made it happened naturally. I even know exactly what med works, if I wanted to commit the deed. I did not want to take a bottle of pills, and wake up as some sort of vegetable, although I do like vegetables very much. Especially baby French green beans. My real love of life is what stops me. My life is precious. PAIN is despairing. Remember that you have refrained from your bottle of pills. At your core, Jim, you love life, too. You just get desperate for relief. Man, do I understand. You know, that rhubarb crisp sounds delicious. I love anything with good fruit inside. I am a sucker for a good fruit pie, of any kind. My favorite. And if I eat just a taste of the crust, the calories are not too bad. My love and hopes for you on the 26th. Like I said, do not be afraid of words. They just float into the air. Even the ones inside your head; let them float away if they are not good words. Do not let them over take you. God bless, and keep us posted about your appointment. Love, Lori

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Lori, how awful to have experienced relief up to as much as 50% and enjoyed feeling that relief and now to have to face until at least July 9th without it. Miserable! Linda wanted me to tell you that she understands this completely, that it's like leaving a terrible job that you absolutely HATE, and go away for two weeks on the most wonderful vacation where you are relaxed and having so much fun, and then to have to come back home and face everything again including that job! Anyway, that is her analogy to what happens when you get relief and then have to go back to the drudge. When she smokes MJ (no legal THC here) and has a nice shot of bourbon in her favorite spiked seltzer, she says she feels so buoyant that she becomes a different person, even sits up straighter. But then later (or the next day) she's right back in it. And it is such a letdown. All of this is just her way of telling you to hang in there, you will be back to the better times eventually (hopefully by 7/9) and maybe you don't have to return to the drudge. We are getting ready to have our own little party for YOU when this happen!!!. Best, Hank

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