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Covid may be messing with my DRG Trial

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Hi to all of my friends here. I just had to share excellent news. Thursday, June 11th, I am finally scheduled for my DRG trial. I am the poster child for "the squeaky wheel gets the grease!" I have made an utter pest of myself to get this trial, and finally, they were all sick of hearing me on the phone. I also realized I had political connections that I forgot about, and used them, ie., the President of Illinois Bone and Joint in Illinois, to get help. Clout works here in Illinois!!! I was finding myself drifting over to committing suicide sights, states in which Euthanasia is legal, etc., etc. I am in a dark place right now. If I did not know my real, happier self, I would be in big trouble right now. There is only so much pain I could take. Sensory pain nerves never shut off with me, and at about an 8-10 level, no exaggeration. Anyway, my fellow Neuropathy warriors....I am blessed to know that this is going to happen. I am blessed to feel I have such good people here. Stay safe, and I will keep everyone updated as I know more.....Love, Lori Renee

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@lorirenee1 YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! I will patiently be awaiting your results and hopeful success story. Best wishes, stay strong, stay positive....you can do it! I am here for you.

@rwinney Rachel, Thanks for your utter kindness. No sick body can take that away. I will keep you posted as I recover from the trial surgery, but I am sure I will be here sooner. Rachel, are you still going to Mayo for the three week pain management class? You have not posted about if for a bit, or did I miss something? Love to you, Lori

Lori this is thrilling news! You come up in conversations between my wife and I periodically in relation to your hoped for DRG procedure and the frustration you have been having getting it scheduled. This really seems like it might be a breakthrough for you as well as many others hopefully including my Linda. We are so thankful that you are now on the road toward possible blessed relief and also many others waiting to hear your results now have a little more hope as well. Very very exciting news. Let's hope there is now an impending end to your desperation and suffering. God bless you!